Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Repair

Large or small, we fix them all!


Door Dings

These are your typical dents, usually received by another vehicle's door bumping into the side of your vehicle. These dents are typically under 3" in diameter and can usually be repaired in about an hour.                                   


Minor dents

Larger dents caused by shopping carts, loose objects or other solid objects causing larger dents. These are usually in the 4" to 8" size range. These dents can take 3 - 5 hours for repair as they require a lot of patience and skill to fully repair.



Major dents

Large and complex dents caused by solid objects like another vehicle, garage doors or poles. These dents usually stretch the limits of the metal and takes a very skilled technician to repair these types of dents. These dents typically range in 6"+. Some may take 1 to 2 days to complete a full repair.


hail damage

Insurance companies recommend using PDR for hail damage repair. Our technician are very skilled and trained to remove hail damage from every make and model. We take pride in our work and provide the best repair possible on your vehicle after a major hail storm.

*Prices subject to change. Body lines, obstructed damage, sharp or stretched dents, and creases may increase the price listed.