Paintless Dent Repair

Window Tint



Here at Premier, we are continuing to use high quality products in our window tint department. We refuse to use a cheaper product that will not allow for superior performance along with top notch customer service and warranties. We offer LLumar ATC, a premium-dyed film, and CTX, a top of the line nano-ceramic film.

Both LLumar ATC and LLumar CTX Series films offer more than 99% UV protection* as well as heat protection. Choosing the LLumar CTX Series will provide SUPERIOR heat rejection.



LLumar® CTX™ Films use Ceramatrix™ Advanced Technology to provide up to 60% heat rejection without blocking electronic signal transmission– the highest of any LLumar automotive film. This prevents interference with your car’s electronic signal transmission, including GPS, satellite radio, keyless entry or mobile phone reception.

ATC - Premium Dyed Film 

For a great look that lasts, the Llumar ATC Series is the answer. Cool Charcoal hues with the latest in Dyed Film Technology make the Llumar ATC Series the right choice for anyone looking to enhance their vehicle style and appearance. Backed by a "No Color Change" warranty, this advanced window film provides best in class and longest-lasting color and appearance of any dyed film.


We have opted to use the Precisioncut System provided by LLumar. Using this system speeds up the process of window tinting by being able to have the patterns cut by a machine while the vehicle is being prepped for installation.  Using this system also protects your vehicle. This gives us the luxury of not having to drag a large roll of window film around your vehicle with chances of scratching the paint and eliminates the risk of scratching your paint and mouldings from having to hand cut the film on the car with sharp stainless steel blades. This system gives great assurance to us and our customers that the window film fits every window.